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Dokter dan pasien

Ammarai is a health service partner who strives from an early age to prioritize the best health conditions for each family member at home.



During the Covid-19 Pandemic, home is the best place to get treatment during illness / post-illness, recovery, assistance for the elderly, etc.
Click for information on various home healthcare services from Ammarai Healthcare Assistance.

Ammarai Home Healthcare

Rapid Test

Antigen & PCR

Rapid diagnostic test to detect Covid-19 virus antigen in samples from the respiratory tract.
Ammarai provides direct service to your home or office. Faster, more accurate results, flexible time, prioritizing convenience, and confidentiality.

Home Healthcare Rapid Test

Medical Evacuation and Aviation

Manage the evacuation of patients with domestic and foreign Flight Charter facilities. Our Madevac Flight experiences include Florida (USA), Guangzhou (China), Malaysia and Singapore.
We also have references to domestic and foreign hospitals.


Home Service Laboratory

Don't have time to queue for blood tests at the clinic lab? Ammarai is ready to serve you for sampling directly to your home.
Provides various Home Service Laboratory packages. Save time, fast and responsive!

Sampel Air

Medical Referral Service

Ammarai has partnerships with good quality referral hospitals, both domestically and abroad. Apart from having international standards, Ammarai partner hospitals also have advantages or specializations that have been recognized worldwide and become a referral guarantee for patients according to their treatment needs.

Lobi Rumah Sakit

Covid-19 Treatment

Comprehensive self-isolation services at home for Covid-19 patients who have mild or asymptomatic symptoms.

With the experience of Ammarai who has treated patients with a 100% success rate, we promise to always be with you until you become healthy again.

Home Healthcare Covid

24 Hours Ambulance Service

Ambulance services 24/7 for emergency needs, transporting patients, and delivering corpses.
Equipped with standard ICU / Non-ICU Medical Equipment (according to the needs and conditions of the patient). Also serves delivery or evacuation out of town (Java Island).

Ammarai Ambulance Services.jpg

Medical Equipment And Health Products

Provides purchase and rental of various medical devices for home care such as Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Oxygen Cylinders, Monitors, Nebulizers, etc.
We also provide Personal Care Aids, and Covid-19 self-isolation tools.

Produk Sanitasi

Medical check up

A series of medical examination services to determine health conditions periodically or only once. Medical Check-up services are intended for individuals and companies.
The examination package can be custom made according to the intended use of the medical examination results.

Ammarai Medical Check up.jpg

Covid-19 Disinfectant Service

The latest service from Ammarai Healthcare, the Covid-19 Nano Tech Disinfectant, is an effective way to break the chain of transmission of the Corona Virus and prevent the formation of new clusters in your office and residential environment.

Sanitasi Pegangan Eskalator
Blog Ammarai.jpg

Why Ammarai?

By choosing AMMARAI Healthcare Assistance Health Services, you will get:

  • Treatment costs become more efficient with patients being treated at home.

  • Treatment becomes more effective because it is based on good planning with the help of experienced professional consultants.

  • Efficiency of family time to visit and family visits become more flexible.

  • Make it easier for families to monitor the progress of patient care.

  • Strengthening family relationships so that it is expected to increase patient motivation.

Our Partners

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