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Opportunity to become Ammarai Partner Doctor

What are the benefits of joining Ammarai Doctor's Partner?


In the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, we both understand that the absorption capacity of hospitals is increasingly limited and elderly patients and comorbid patients have a high risk of coming and being treated at the hospital.


This condition becomes a business opportunity for homecare services to fill the void. For this reason, Ammarai Healthcare Assistance opens collaboration opportunities for doctors to join as Ammarai Doctor Partners.​ Benefits of being Ammarai Doctor Partners:


  • Serving patients closest to the location of home or work.

  • Work online by being the doctor in charge of the Homecare Ammarai case.

  • Get a visit fee when visiting the patient's home.

  • Registered in the Ammarai Partner Health Personnel database.

Dokter Mitra Ammarai

Patient recommendation to Homecare Ammarai


When the doctor gives a recommendation to the patient/patient's family to use Ammarai's services and the patient/patient's family signs a contract, the doctor automatically gets a referral fee, a doctor's fee and a visit fee at once. And if the patient/patient's family extends the contract, the doctor is entitled to a fee extension referrals and so on.


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Who can join as Ammarai PartnerDoctor?


  • General practitioners.

  • Specialist Doctor: Internist, Cardiologist, Neurosurgeon, Surgery.

  • Has an extensive network.

  • Willing to visit/emergency visit if needed.

  • Willing to sign a partnership cooperation contract.

Come join us!

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