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Opportunity to Become a Nurse at Home Healthcare Ammarai

What are the benefits of joining as a Nurse at Home Healthcare Ammarai?


Carrying out the profession as a Home Care Nurse is the best choice for now because it is one of the fields of employment that has bright prospects for at least the next 10 years. Why is that?


  • The statistics of the elderly population are increasing, currently there are 600 million elderly people worldwide and 30 million elderly people in Indonesia.

  • The situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is not certain when it will end, home is the best place to care for the sick and the elderly.

  • The level of income and welfare of the community is increasing so that more and more families can afford to use Home Care services.

Perawat di Ammarai Home Healthcare

What are the benefits of joining as a nurse at Home Healthcare Ammarai?


  • Get more income (according to qualifications).

  • During work, nurses do not work alone, but are supported by a solid team work that is coordinated through a 24-hour coordination group, so that nurses receive guidance during work.

  • The duties and responsibilities of nurses are based on SOP guidelines such as progress reports, daily activities to setting rest periods.

  • Nurses at the Antigen Swab Test, are equipped with standard medical equipment and supplement intake to maintain health conditions. The company also ensures the quality and adequacy of consumption during work, which is the obligation of the client as stated in the contract for the use of Home Healthcare services.

  • For Home Healthcare Nurses who are able to show good performance and work performance during the allotted time, they will get the Ammarai Excellent Certification which is very useful to add to the portfolio for better job opportunities even abroad.

Let's join with Ammarai Healthcare Assistance!


We open the widest opportunities for Home Care nurses with the following categories:


  • ICU and Non ICU Medical Nurse with at least 1 year Home Care experience. See: qualifying terms and conditions.

  • Home Care Nurse with experience of Covid-19 Care at least 1 time. See: qualifying terms and conditions.

  • Non-Medical Nurse or Care Giver. See: qualifying terms and conditions.

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