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About Us

Lilia Marina CEO Ammarai

Home is the first and foremost place for a family to live a happy life. Family happiness will not be achieved if health does not exist in it.


Departing from this, Ammarai Healthcare Assistance is present as a health service partner who strives from an early age to prioritize the best health conditions for each family member at home.


Established on December 12, 2012, Ammarai Healthcare Assistance continues to improve itself and continues to develop health services that are more complete, responsive, solutive and affordable.


Handled by professionals in their fields and solid team work as well as an extensive network of cooperation, both domestically and abroad, Ammarai Healthcare Assistance is ready to provide Homecare health services, Personal Healthcare Assistance, Covid Care, Medical Device Rentals to Patient Evacuation (Madevac). ) at home and abroad. Thank you for the public's trust in our work so far, good health always. 

Our Vision

To become the most comprehensive and leading health service provider company in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

Optimizing the degree of public health as much as possible,
by adhering to the principle of "AFFORDABLE and QUALITY".


Connecting patients with other medical institutions, EASY,
FAST & ACCURATE thanks to the extensive network of Ammarai.

Ammarai Commitment

AMMARAI is a form of commitment and concern in
provide health care assistance.

Professional, reliable, affordable and quality is
principles adhered to by AMMARAI management
in providing health care assistance services

Handled by professionals in their fields and always
trying to work with dedication and love
dear, fast, precise, responsive and reliable.

Because every family has the right to service
proper, fast, quality and reliable health
which can make him feel comfortable in realizing a better family life.

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