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Home Care ICU (PICU) Nurse Jobs

& Nursing Home Care Non ICU


Terms and Qualifications:


  • Male and Female, maximum age 36 years.

  • Have at least 1 year Home Care experience.

  • D3 / S1 Nursing Education.

  • Have an active STR Certificate.

  • Able to operate ICU medical equipment. Mandatory for PICU

  • Able to read Electrocardiogram (EKG). Preferred for PICU

  • Able to install NGT and Catheter.

  • Physically and mentally healthy. Clean, attractive and well-behaved.



  • CV and Portfolio.

  • Passport Photo (max 100 MB). JPEG format.

  • Photocopy / Scan of KTP and KK.

  • Photocopy / Scan of the latest diploma legalized.

  • Photocopy / Scan of active STR.

  • Certificate of Permission from Parents.

  • Additional BTLS/PPGD certification (not mandatory).

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